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What we do ?

This is the question that came in my mind when I plan to start the site. Some self-doubt questions I raised to myself and some answers that I feel would be better for myself and for others .We are still thinking but currently what SAP masterminds would focus is on 3 points

  • Masterminds Blogs- Business Process + SAP
  • Tutorials on Business process, Integration Topics.
  • Podcast on Process & People


I want to simplify the way business process are explained (cos I can’t understand the complex stuff) and to give exactly the same in layman or easiest way possible. May be a kind of story and how the business process could be handled. This would teach dramatically the perception towards our understanding on these business process.

Why SAPmasterminds will focus on Business process + SAP?

I see many standalone sites giving a better SAP transnational information's and tips but it’s hard to locate me a content which would give SAP + Business process understandings. The plan right now is to deliver it as a blog with some Podcast show to speak with SAP consultants and also to industrial experts who experienced such scenarios to see how these business cases are been addressed.

Whats the frequency of such blog?

Currently there would be 2 blogs per week on a business process. If I find any experts who could join for a podcast show to speak about these would be a great help. Wednesday and Saturday EOD you can expect blogs updated to this site.

How long will it take a blog to read and understand these business process?

Strange question but I would like to keep it as 15 mins SAP business process show. A combo of both content ,Podcast would add a one place solution for all doubts. The podcast show would be addressed for 8-10 mins (avg) + 5 mins of contents.

Can we see some SAP screenshots with the content ?

Yes , to make you ease we will provide all the details . You could find some edits over the image but all are a valid solutions.

How you think these SAPmasterminds materials would be helpful?

It would be helpful for anyone who would like to understand the business process along with SAP. Not just a course material but in term of how the business functions and to make that happen how SAP is helping it. Any normal learners with minimum to maximum experience can understand the content presented. Anyone who would like to learn SAP and wants to pursue or improve his career in SAP could follow this site.

Tell me something about Podcasts? what SAP podcast would do ?

The target audience are fresher’s, SAP consultants & process experts. Whenever they have 15 mins time they can hear this show on air. This show will take you to reach with business experts in SAP and who are knowledgeable in those fields to speak about the topic.

15 mins a day to improve your learning is the time frames that’s the demand of individual's time. The podcast would focus on Process & people. There are opportunities that if you have any concerns or doubts you are welcome to reach SAP masterminds for more clarifications.

If you have any comments please add us and if you think that could add value to anyone in SAP , that’s awesome. Connect with us and we all can grow together .

How Tutorials are structured?

Depending on the demand we could design a course materials. These courses are suitable for from anyone who are fresher’s or expertise in SAP. The course materials would be in detail and you could able to download the content for your use. We invite all the tutor to stay connected with SAP masterminds and they can get real benefit.

Please share if you have any ideas or clarifications. Happy Learning and see you soon with a quality learning material. 

Best regards

SAP masterminds Team

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