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Art of SAP Consulting – Introduction


“What do I really want to achieve

as a SAP consultant?"

This was the deadly thought that came to my mind some time before ...

Later I felt why did I asked this question ….Because I tried hard to remove from my mind…

Before I jot down to see what’s the most I wanted - Deep thinking left me to this one point …But I was afraid to say that ...

I got another interesting idea to test it…

To call other few fellow SAP consultants, to check what their answer is for this question …

I opened my Facebook account and starting picking the best 10 consultants with whom I worked from initial to end….

Made a list of those & boom.. I started calling each..

While speaking I started casually the conversation and later I slowly started to dig to this deeper question

“Sir (few were much senior to me) What is that you really want as a SAP consultant?"

Few were straight but many were taking lot of time to answer.

Happy that I was not alone.. But all promised me with few answers..

That answer shocked me..

Though the answer shocked me not because that they have different answer from mine but the majority had the same one of mine…


Then I thought I was in right path to pursue that … That One thing

Do you want to know which got maximum Vote….

They are as below …

  • I want a peaceful life ----1 votes
  • I want to be technically strong so that customer always retain me--- 2 Votes
  • I want to make more money --- 3
  • I want to be Self independent ---4 (total 5, including me)

Yes I (also) want to purse this goal...

Being self-independent is nothing but becoming a Self independent consultant. For those who think that “I am already a consultant” in your mind…

Sorry you are an employee for an employer… I am talking about an entrepreneur & his entrepreneur freedom …

So why do I want to be an Independent consultant…

  • I want to decide my salary – (No 1 Choice)
  • I want to work anywhere…
  • I want to choose my career path on my terms...
  • I want to work with a customer who USE me not ABUSE me …

And at last for this important point..

  • I want freedom … Yes ! freedom from everything ……….

SAP masterminds is a right place for transforming from individual employee to a potential, high valuable self-independent consultant..

This platform will ask deeper questions to you and if you want to change your life by changing yourself join me to walk in right direction.. aving years of mistakes and achieving the goals that you envisioned for your self..

This platform is designed for becoming EXPERTS ..While you work , we educate you on...

  • How to become a highly valuable SAP consultant.
  • How to become a desiring customer’s consultant.
  • How to learn the things that you should learn.
  • How to work passionately.
  • Learn the tips and tools for consulting.
  • How to speak to your customer.
  • How to Ask right questions.
  • Why your customer is not happy with you ?
  • How to make your customer feel your absence ?
  • How to negotiate right salary …(you will be surprised to see the calculation suggestions..)
  • Step by step process on Actions to take.
  • How to evolve as a successful consultant.

I am going to take you to this wonderful

journey of

Art of SAP consulting.

Divided into 5 sessions and each sessions are rock pillar for your individual success..

Also with that I would give 3 tools and techniques on how to use that principles..

Welcome onboard …

Would you be a next SAP mastermind!

Any thing I want to improve in writing don't hesitate (help me)...Consultants first mantra .. Continuous improvement !

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