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Mental Clarity-Why its important for SAP consultants and how to achieve – Skill #3

This blog is about Clarity... No suspense further…

How SAP consultants need clarity and why it’s most important for him?

"Why am I feeling this way?"

I can confidently say just by seeing any SAP customers, clients, partners or end users with whom it would be tremendously fun or irritating to work with.

The one with clarity on their requirement and communicating the same to others clearly stands out. Imagine you working with a less clarity person on business process, or any requirements who change his requirement then and there. As a consultant, you lose your time, money and Respect (I like this one)...




So how to develop this clarity?

I am learning it and let me be very honest with you. It’s not easy. It is like to draw a straight line and you are given only 1 dot and requested to find the end dot by yourself to make one perfect straight line. Sometimes the customer will also say that you are paid to find the other dot for connection. I agree to this partially

It’s Ok if you don’t have the clarity of a full picture when you start, but you need to know at least what result you want overall. A bigger picture.


  • What is the 1 important requirement that customer would get a benefit?
  • Which is the easiest way to collect requirements?
  • How to quick fix for the problem before to develop a big report?
  • What is the one task that would take me closer to project closure?


When I have to travel to South Boston last week I took help of GPS. That took me to the destination and the places that came in between I have no clue and awareness. Here you have a destination clear.

Speak to people if you need clarity, create a false image and even post dumb questions and don’t hesitate to learn their advice.


What is your dominant thought that is your foundational thought? You can never get any closer to clarity if it’s based on

  •                FEAR
  •                ANXIETY
  •                WORRY

But it’s inevitable to not to have this. I am just saying that it will be there but once you acknowledge these and move on to start asking small questions you can get closer to the reality that is clarity.


Mind sculpture is a technique that involves total but still imaginary, sensory immersion. It requires practitioners to pretend that they’re actually engaged in the action, not just seeing, but hearing, tasting, smelling and touching.

In mind sculpture, people imagine the movement of their muscles and rise and fall of their emotions.

Just closing your eyes your brain has no idea where it is and is sending perfect messages to the body. Now using all the sensory the brain starts realizing as it’s true and starts making the complex relations to easy.

Just try dedicating 1 min morning before getting up from bed. The entire day you can get clarity on your actions.


It’s Ok if you are not in clarity.

How do you want to move your career from now to after 5 years? Tough questions. Here in SAP masterminds, we invite experts in SAP technology both experts or customers who want to get that implemented. We speak to many other experts who crossed your pain and how they connected those unknown dots. Do it step by step and we help SAP consultants to get better from tomorrow?


Writing it down. Consultants face many challenging questions posted daily to them and it’s necessary for us to understand the depth of the question to address holistically.

By writing the non-clarity into a paper I make a habit getting close to my clarity.

I am starting my podcast journey wish me all the best.

Question to you? What are the pain points for SAP consultant’s success? If you find any topic that would be interested in talking about please let me know.

All the best to me.





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