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How SAP works – Predictive Analytics

Intro - It was not easy day for Gautham. His boss was given with a bigger Assignment  , he knows its impossible for him to do and he will pass it to Gautham finally .His company plays an advocate role for motorist and travelers ,continually lobbying for driver and passenger rights, fair laws, and safer vehicles and roads.

The Target is simple for his team .

His team needs to approach 50 million customers and create a personalized offer.But the problem is there are so many product lines and Services.

The target must be to give a plan to management on how to map these retrieval of details from 50 million customers consolidated at product and service line.

Confused Gautham dropped a helpline message with these problem to SAPmasterminds .

Welcome to SAP predictive analytic's.

Lets get to the basics first 

So what is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics is a blend of mathematics and technology learning from experience (that is, the data companies are already collecting) to predict a future behavior or outcome within an acceptable level of reliability






Before we see in what 3 major places this technology could be used , lets see how the screen looks (see I am functional consultant ......)

Design of SAP PA

Do you mean SAP consultants can focus on SAP PA?

Answer is BIG YES

All these years the companies created data's but they haven't took a detail study of it. They focused on their primary modules problem to fix, but now that era is over and now its time to read and analyse those data's .

Today companies are creating and collecting data's in a fast paced approach.

Where these analysis are used?

The industrial leaders use these analysis to position their marketing skills at par. This helps them to decide quickly and move forward with eye catching speed.

Lets see how these are used in marketing analysis one by one.

It helps in finding the RIGHT target customer - How ?

  • Take case of 50 Million customers from Gautham company- Do you think he needs to send the promotional offers to all of them or he can send to a right set of target customers?.
  • I mean he can send to 20% of those customers who could give 80% of valuable results to the organisations. Here the Predictive analytics is a best fit. It analyses geographically, age wise,Gender, Zip code wise the datas with the human behavior even how many times does a customer clicked or was he present in that site for how long? etc..

Dont you think Gautham should choose this as a option for his assignment!

It helps to hold the boring customer- How?

  • Can we find a way to find which customer is bored and may quit the subscriptions?. Yes predictive analytics is a good choice for this.
  • How does it finds that minute?
    • Predictive models take into consideration a variety of data – demographics, purchase history, products and services consumed, and customer service interactions – and score each customer’s likelihood of leaving or cancelling service. This allows you to understand why customers leave – what the triggers are and their relative importance. You can also anticipate customers who are likely to leave and act quickly to keep them during interactions.
    • Alerted manager immediately takes a list and makes a retention plan for those lot. (how awesome right!)

Can we trust this product ABC ?

  • Yes with help of predictive analytics we can study the human behavior so detail to evaluate a products success.
  • It gives a reliable wholesome information which will help the consumers to choose upon right product for them. Not only that this process leads the innovators to improve their products as per market need.

Demo on Creating a social analysis


How to learn SAP predictive analytics ?

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Gautham gave a nice presentation which helped his boss to get the credit! . Thats the point at last ..


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