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SAP career for freshers/Graduates – A detailed report

There would be always confusions when we finish our graduation and see how we can be success in our career. Mostly by this time we should have enough clarity over our future path.

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do. – Bob Dylan




Can you help me?



Basically freshers follow 3 Approach to zero down


We find some friends turned godfather who went a journey from zero to Hero in any technology and get their understanding on what to be choosed. Mostly here the Godfather would be giving advice other than his subject and convince us to take a different path. I remember I got advised to open a matrimonial site which was his favorite business plan. haha.

Approach 2 : HIT ANY TARGET

After finishing our college we would be ready with our attractive resume . In this time we refer internet and enroll for any technology related jobs. As a fresher we would not be aware of the final destination that is in reality we would have been working hard for the career that we don't like it.


Though I didn't took this path but I found this is the most successful approach for both short term and long term benefits. We should not focus in multiple technology and ended up wasting our crucial time.We need to choose a technology thats has a strong followers for both people and purpose.

Why Freshers should try SAP

Today I recommend for any graduates or freshers to come pursue their career in SAP.

What is SAP ?

As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP (NYSE: SAP) helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

Why SAP as ERP ?

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My peers would always advice me its better to go to industry and understand how industry work and then after 3-4 years of experience its better to try SAP.Its partially true. The reason is we would be involved in our work with full creativity if we have industrial exposure in background. refer these below valid 7 reasons for choosing SAP as your career.

Work isn’t simply about earning a paycheck. It’s the way you pursue interesting professional challenges, seek new rewards, and help change the world. If you want to work for a company that offers job mobility, a strong growth outlook, and opportunities to make a difference in the world- Welcome to world of SAP

  1. Future of SAP is strong

The SAP technology is very strong in sense of market reach and stability of the tool . Below are few reasons why SAP stands best among other ERP solutions.

  • SAP customers represent 86% of Global Fortune 500 companies.
  • SAP customers distribute more than 78% of the world’s food.
  • 74% of the world’s transactional revenue touches an SAP system.
  • 80% of SAP customers are small or midsize businesses.
  • SAP customers produce more than 82% of the world’s medical devices.
  • SAP customers produce more than 76% of the world’s healthcare products.

2. SAP is highly diversified.

SAP solutions are highly diversified and it has exciting career opportunities in all these list of industrial sectors.

3. SAP has excellent revenue performance.

SAP still stands the fastest-growing mega-cap company in the enterprise software industry.

  • SAP applications and services enable more than 282,000 customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.
  • As on 2014 full year report, full year non-IFRS cloud subscriptions and support revenue increased 45% at actual and constant currencies to €1.10 billion
  • Four consecutive years of double-digit growth,

4. Career choices for freshers is much better now.

Thanks to SAP's focus and long term vision.

  • SAP currently focus on innovative path towards latest technology advancement
  • Freshers could directly dive in getting hold over technical aspects over SAP HANA, ANALYTIC's ,MOBILITY solutions. There are wide range of career opportunities in these section.
  • You can grow as the technology itself is getting flourished in pace.

5. SAP projects has many roles, choose yours best fit.

  • Functional consultant-
    • configurer, configurator
    • Specialize in the business processes (Financial, Controlling, Human Resources, Materials Management, Production Planning, etc)
    • Required skills: good social skills, strong written and oral skills, good with public speaking, strong knowledge of functional processes
  • Business Intelligence
    • data modeler, reporting specialist
    • Specialize in converting raw data into reports, dashboards, and graphics for the folks who will analyze the data and make decisions.
    • Required skills:  strong written skills, analytic mind
  • Technical (Development)
    • developer, ABAPer
    • Business undergraduate or computer science undergraduate, programming classes or experience required.
    • strong analytical skills, programming experience
  • Technical (Basis)
    • Basis, Netweaver System Administrator, SAP Admin
    • Administer SAP systems: installation, infrastructure design, backup & recovery, high availability, networking, etc
    • undergraduate degree. Operating System and/or Database certifications helpful
    • Strong written and oral skills, strong analytical/troubleshooting skills, ability to work under pressure
  • Technical (Security)
    • Security, Information Assurance specialist
    • Design security, create and administer users
    • undergraduate degree. Experience with OS/DB user administration helpful.
    • Required skills: good interview skills (to interview employees and determine requirements), strong written and oral skills
  • Project Management
    • PM, Team Lead
    • Manage scope, cost, schedule, risk, quality, resources, and communications.
    • business undergraduate and/or MBA degrees. Often start as Functional. PMI or other Project Management certification helpful.
    • Excellent social and negotiation skills, strong written and oral skills, good with public speaking, strong knowledge of project management theory and practice
  • Testing
    • testers, Quality Control
    • Test the processes either in an automated or manual fashion. Report the results to project management. Coordinate issue resolution with necessary configurers, developers, etc
    • undergraduate
    • Required skills: strong written and oral skills, strong detail orientation
  • Training
    • Trainer, Organizational Change Management
    • business undergraduate and/or MBA degrees. Additional certifications (CPA, CPIM, etc) are also helpful.
    • Required skills: Excellent public speaking/training skills, very strong written and oral skills

6. A path to become individual consultant and gain freedom.

Working 3-4 years in any industry in SAP gives you an long time freedom option to become individual consultant.

  • FREEDOM. Free to choose when to work and for whom to work and rate of compensation.
  • Compensation can be much higher since there is no company to skim profit off the top
  • Be your own boss.

7. Salary compensations are commendable for SAP consultants.

Career length is the biggest factor affecting pay for SAP group, followed by the specific employer and location. The majority of SAP Consultants claim high levels of job satisfaction.

As per reports from US (credits: http://www.payscale.com)
As per reports from INDIA (credits: http://www.payscale.com)

What Freshers should focus now?

  • Get advice from experts in SAP
  • Get in depth introduction on various modules and choose the best fit
  • Join as a core user in any company and become a specialist in business process.
  • Learn the SAP business process and be prepared for the interviews. Get right set of support on business process.
  • Get trained in SAP with SAP experts who are available to support with extra edge.
  • Stay connected with mastermind group.

Want to pursue career with SAP technology

SAP mastermind team will provide you an opportunity with informative blogs , SAP latest Insights, Online courses,Unique membership support & Career Guidance for freshers to choose the best life path in SAP career.


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