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Art of SAP Consulting – Skill #2

Do it with passion or not at all.

Art of SAP Consulting - Skill #2

As a consultant you need to have this quality in-built with in you . Being passionate to help organization or being passionate to solve critical business cases or being passionate to learn and teach the customer to drive them in successful path are few qualities SAP consultants normally possess.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Now, is it so important to do with  PASSION? Can I not just do it .

The moment you don't have passion you will start feeling the task as a work . I see many consultants just doing what their boss ask them to do. They neither add value in creative side nor help the customer to understand what they want to understand .

Lets review 5 points on nature of  the dis-passionate consultants have,

  • Loosing connection with customer
  • Travelled in a wrong direction without reconnecting to your emotions
  • Collecting poor skill sets
  • Improper mindset , Neither they have technical skill set nor Social skills
  • Zero ability to learn

Normally consulting is not a lucrative business but a demanding business . We feel increasingly disengaged and not challenged. Our natural creative energies have gone fallow. We fail to pay attention to the changes going on in our field because we are disconnected.

"People younger, more creative and less expensive quickly replace us"

lets review the 5 Skill set of a passionate SAP consultants .

  • Problem Solving

    • Ability to solve complex problems, think creatively, find pragmatic solutions.
  • Ability to Lead

    • Don't just stop by contributing to teams but able to lead the team
  • Results Delivery

    • Playing an instrumental role in making a quantifiable differences with their solutions
  • Enthusiastic & Tenacious

    • Committed to finish the assignment till the last without losing enthusiasm
  • Expert Knowledge

    • The client expects the consultant to have more expertise than the organization’s internal resources
    • Clients do not have sufficient time to solve their own problems or implement their own projects.

SAPmasterminds.com is designed to address these individual points for changing an employee into finding their niche skill and how to make an expert by aligning them with SAP . So that one day you become an independent consultant.

How having PASSION will make you a better consultant

  • Wont worry you in putting hard work & efforts to learn new skills.
  • Learn aggressively without moments of boredom and tedium
  • Allow to stay persistent with learning or execution process
  • Enable to Possess growth mindset
  • Allow to understand & help fellow consultants .

    SAPmasterminds.com  will focus on these SAP consulting skills and help to enrich the growth of aspiring consultants and willing to grow consultants .

    Art of SAP Consulting - Skill #2

    Study as deeply as possible the technology that you use"

    Any guess what is the Skill number #3?

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