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A simple trick in SAP to list Tcodes module wise

I remember those days when I used to write down many transaction codes in my daily workbook . I often assume that its impossible for SAP to guide the user with module specific transaction code list . Its the burden of consultants and he needs to be smart and quick.

However if you are new or experienced we still need to know this little piece of help that given by SAP to us. For all those people who search for google to understand what is the Transaction code name, SAP have a solution for you.


With the below mentioned transaction we may change the SAP Easy Access Menu to the desired one to get all the transaction on the related topic.

Process: How to Use – Go to Command Bar -> Put the T code-> Press enter. The SAP Menu will change.

To go back to the Standard Sap Menu – Go to Command Bar -> Put “/n” -> press enter.


  • PA00 – Personal Admin
  • PB00 – Recruitment
  • PT00 – Time data management
  • PW00 –Incentive Wages
  • PC00 – Payroll of all countries


  • CR00-  SAP  Easy access work centers 
  • CS00-  SAP Easy access Bills of materials 
  • CO00 -SAP Easy access shop floor control 
  • MD00-SAP  Easy Access Materials requirements planning- external procurement
  • MS00 -SAP Easy Access Long-term Planning
  • CA00 - SAP Easy Access Routings


  • MM00 - SAP Easy Access Material master
  • ME00 -  SAP Easy Access purchasing
  • MI00 -  SAP Easy Access Physical Inventory
  • MB00 - SAP Easy Access Inventory Management
  • MR00 - SAP Easy Access Invoice
  • CL00 -   SAP Easy Access Classification


  • VA00 - SAP Easy Access Sales
  • VL00 – SAP Easy Access Shipping 


  • IW00 - SAP Easy Access Maintenance Processing 
  • IE00 -  SAP Easy Access management of Technical objects
  • IP00 -   SAP Easy Access maintenance Planning 
  • IR00 -   SAP Easy access work centers
  • IA00-   SAP Easy Access scheduling 


  • QA00 -  SAP Easy Access Quality Inspection
  • QM00 - SAP Easy Access Quality notifications


  • PS00 - Project system

Terms and conditions :This might not cover all the front end T codes but most of them are there.

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