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Art of SAP Consulting – Skill #1


You can't be a good consultant without Self knowledge.

consulting skill

Self knowledge enables consultants to let a better understanding what a customer need most from him. Thus our success and failures depend on this tool.

So the nest question that comes to us is how to develop the self-knowledge in SAP consulting business ?. Below are the five skills that would groom a better consultant .

Locate your strength

To begin your journey knowledge and experience are the primary substances required to keep our first step towards consulting career. SAP is diversified and see how you can locate your experience with SAP. Being a ERP tool covering almost all the organizational functionalities you could easily locate how your experience is matching with SAP modules.

If you don't have an experience go with your curiosity. This would help you to sustain the laborious knowledge acquiring process. Thus it helps to sustain and swim the goal post.

Know thyself

"There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self" (Poor Richard’s Improved Almanac, 1750).

What source of information a consultant uses to classify himself as

  • Worst consultant
  • Strong consultant
  • Or Both

One should make a simple analysis to see an honest reply from self that what designs your result. Are you able to stand with your words?. Can customer trust you?.

Research your interest

Formula to research is simple, the skills that you have or would like to have does it has need from customer side. Is anyone ready to pay you for the knowledge you possess?.

Choose your skill wisely and speak to experts. here in SAPmasterminds we connect with many experienced experts who can help you to either direct your career in right direction or guide your new career in an enriching path.

Dig deeper on the subject

Have a consistent approach on pursuing the SAP knowledge. Yes consistent and take small steps daily to reach your targeted goal. Gather the resources and try to define a timeline for day today activity . define the complex subject into small parts like exercises with 12 repetition with 3 sets.  make an effort to daily read the subject .

Deep industrial knowledge is essential for faster growth and give confidence to the face of customers.

Implement the ideas

The trainers who make most mistakes while training are the successful achiever's. like that don't wait for a time to test your knowledge. Make all the efforts to project your ideas outside by either doing a mockup or speaking to fellow business process experts to stay with awareness.

in the next article we will see the Skill of consulting #2 - Any guess??

Stay tuned.

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